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Tonight’s movie.

The Boxtrolls

The craft of stop frame animation is almost as old as movies themselves and yet just like black and white photography, it is still as fascinating and beautiful to look at as it ever was.

The Boxtrolls is a hand crafted and 3d printed work of fantastic animation telling the story of pacifistic little trolls who find themselves at odds with a cheese loving upper class and a wannabe social climber desperate for a piece of the big cheese.

Funny endearing and fascinating to look at.

The Spook Avenue Show Episode 4: Frightfest 2014

Find out all about this years Frightfest, the best horror festival in the world?

Exciting movies discussed by ambivalent puppets.

Tonight’s movie.

Rocky 4.

The Rocky series ventures into almost comic book fantasy territory with this installment which features an intercontinental rivalry between the USA and Russia, a robot, the death of a friend and lots of eighties power rock.

From the opening image of two boxing gloves colliding in an explosion, the movie gets bigger and bigger into boxing fantasy action.

Eighties excess summed up in film form.

Tonight’s movie.


Starring William Katt’s sweaters.

House is a great comedy horror movie in which William Katt must do battle with his own haunted memories inside the old family home of his youth.

The doors are doors to parallel dimensions, the mirrors lead to abyss like shadow realms, the neighbours are of the nosey snoopy kind and the visions are very real.

Great creature effects work, some stunt choreography by the mighty Kane Hodder, a script with the mark of Fred Dekker and very well directed by Steve Miner.

One of the coolest skeletal villains shows up at the end like a living Iron Maiden album cover.

Buzz off from He Man even makes an appearance.

HOUSE, is up there with the best of fun eighties comedy horror.

Tonight’s movie.


I love all the universal monsters, but everyone loves the Karloff Frankenstein.

It is hard to believe that the movie is around eighty years old when the persecution of James Whale and Karloff’s monster resonates so strongly and the German expressionist sets are so timeless and eerie.

The sly humor of the script still hits and the ending is as tragic as ever.

Fire it up again and relive a classic.

Tonight’s movie.

Rocky 2.

Rematch time as the ultimate working class underdog once again steps through the ropes to do battle with Apollo Creed.

Facing setback after setback enough to make even Peter Parker say, enough is enough, Rocky must battle also unemployment, illiteracy, childbirth, family illness and blindness.

Pretty full plate.

Do you think he can win?

The Spook Avenue Show Episode 3: Shivers VS Goosebumps

The great debate, the battle of the century, which one is superior, Goosebumps or Shivers.

Join in with the young adult horror fiction debate that will no doubt split the world in half.

Yeah !

Tonight’s movie.

Ginger Snaps Back.

The so far final installment in the Ginger Snaps series is a kind of prequel of sorts dealing with the two sisters great great ancestors who are also linked to the Werewolf curse, via the native American Wendigo myth.

Probably my second favourite entry behind the original if only for its big Werewolf finale, but I have to admit seeing the two actresses reunited is fun making any leaps of logic worth it.

Tonight’s movie.

Alien 3, The Assembly Cut.

David Fincher reportedly had a hellacious time directing this stylish installment in the Alien franchise and while there is evidence of too many cooks, the end result is still a very tense, suspenseful Alien story.

Ripley crash lands on a cultish prison planet seemingly the only survive from her ship, alas she was not alone, as her unwanted hitchhiker, breaks loose from the guts of an ox going on a rampage.

The final battle between Ripley and the Alien is still cool to watch and David Fincher uses a breakneck shooting style that makes the film whizz along.

Also the first glimpse of the Alien is really adorable.

Worth a revisit.