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The Spook Avenue Show Episode 1

PUPPETS ! AWKWARD SILENCES, Pumpkins and Mummies made of trash !

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Tonight’s movie.

The Specials.

Before he was scripting the adventures of The Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn wrote the story of another group of superhero misfits.

This movie is about the sixth or seventh most famous super team struggling with PR, infighting, a disastrous attempt at merchandise and their own egos.

This is probably the closest thing to a Justice League International movie and well worth tracking down if you love flaws in your super types.

Tonight’s movie.

Burning Bright

Trapped in a house the windows and doors boarded up a terrified child who you are the sole guardian for, what could be worse?

How about also in that house is a pissed off homicidal and very hungry tiger?!

That is the concept behind this thrilling tiger based horror movie ( probably the best since Savage Harvest, but that was lions).

A great cat and mouse story with a really big cat.

Tonight’s movie.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Set in LA around Christmas time this is the story of a petty thief who somehow through a series of mishaps becomes embroiled in a modern day detective noir story, it all makes sense when you see the movie.

This film is incredibly witty incredibly self aware but is not really cynical, it’s just a good story well told, with the comedy escalating throughout as the main character gets deeper and deeper into the seedy underbelly of Hollywood.

I tried not to spoil anything in case you haven’t seen it yet, because it’s best to go in knowing nothing to this one.

So very good.

Tonight’s movie.

Mission to Lars.

The story of Tom, a huge Metallica fan desperate to meet his hero Lars Ulrich, only problem being in order to travel across the Atlantic to meet his idol he must overcome the trappings of Fragile X syndrome a condition which makes breaking personal routines into as challenging a task as climbing a mountain.

A heartwarming documentary that reminds you that the world is great sometimes and to reaffirm that there is often no such thing as an impossible challenge.

Tonight’s movie.

Dead Sushi.

Imagine Gremlins mixed with a gonzo martial arts movie but with all the Gremlins being portrayed by zombie pieces of sushi.

The movie features acid spraying egg sushi, sushi love scenes, a evil villain with a tuna fish head and rice spewing zombies.

Oh and at one point the sushi combines to form a floating airborne battleship.

Yeah, you should check it out.

Tonight’s movie

Wolf Children.

This anime movie has a touch of the Ghibli about it and that’s a good thing of course.

This is the story of a single mother trying to bring up her two werewolf children and the children themselves having to choose between the world of people and the wild woods.

It’s more of a character driven story than you would think an anime werewolf movie would be, but the beautiful animation, exceptional score and well drawn (no pun intended) characters.

Give it a go.

Tonight’s movie.


Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Judge Reinhold, John Candy directed by Ivan Reitman in the 1980s is recommendation enough for those who know their eighties comedy.

This is the story of two down on their luck friends who enlist in the military seeing it as an easy ride and along with a ragtag platoon of misfits have to go through harsh basic training, hilarity ensues.

Post Mash pre Police Academy this comedy has a lot of great laughs but is really helped by its all star team of eighties comedic talents.

Nostalgic comedy that really holds up well and arguably the beginning of Bill Murray’s mega stardom.

There she was just a walking down the street singing….

Tonight’s movie.

The Revenant.

A zombie buddy movie, which is a lot more epic than you would expect.

It centers around a military vet killed in the line of duty waking up after his funeral to find he is one of the undead, his best to friend helps him to get blood to sustain himself with (what else are friends for?) and the two hatch a plan to become crime fighting vigilantes… That…. Suck… Blood.

The movie is a zombie tale in line with return of the living dead in tone, but it has a lot of very unique takes on the undead formula.

A good time.

Tonight’s movie

Sin City

In preparation for the next installment take another visit to Frank Miller’s uber faithful noir comic adaptation.

My favourite segment of the film has to be the tale of Marv and Goldie, which features cannibalism, an electric chair, ravenous wolves, ultra violence and Mickey Rourke’s performance as Marv which is somehow reminiscent of Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein Monster.

But everyone loves Marv so that ain’t saying much.

This noir classics tongue is so firmly in its cheek that it’s poking out of the side, if you haven’t seen it, well there is nothing quite like it.

Bring on part two.