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Tonight’s movie.


A great concept in which future people decide that the purest way to get close to their celebrity idols is to pay to be infected with their viruses.

A sharp edged satire of the celebrity culture in which people literally pay to have the same sickness and even eat the flesh of their favourite famous person.

Shot with clinical precision and a cutting wit this is well worth a midweek viewing.

In the dead of night you would swear something wails from the top of the tower.

Tonight’s movie.

The Bay.

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a camera…

The Bay is a strange beast in that it is a found footage movie directed by a seasoned veteran ( Barry Levinson) and the experience shows as this movie is a pretty solid entry into the found footage sub genre.

Dealing with a horrific virus that ransacks a small vacation community on the fourth of July weekend made up of confiscated government footage leaked to a wiki leaks style site and the alleged government cover up.

You should see The Bay if you like atmospheric paranoia and panic and find the things that hide out in your water to be more than a little scary.

Great for all germaphobes.

Tonight’s movie.

The Goonies.

Steven Spielberg produces, Richard Donner directs this bonafide eighties children’s classic, full of the unique Amblin quality to entertain all ages, whilst remaining edgy enough to not be sappy.

Everyone knows this one and if you don’t, Go See It!

My favourite character will always be Sloth the loveable Superman and Baby Ruth loving giant locked away by the evil Fratelli gang.

So much to love in the movie makes this a timeless intergenerational classic.

Fun fact : Spielberg also directed second unit, multi tasking!

Tonight’s movie.

Samurai Cop.

Part of the late eighties wave of Samurai, Ninja, Karate based action movies, except this one is a lot more crazy and a lot more mind boggling than most cheesy action flicks of the time.

In the same vein as The Room or Miami Connection this movie is an almost unexplainable oddity, with a ton of unintentionally hilarious scenes, some spectacularly awkward lines and out of place ultra violence.

Track down a copy, watch it and laugh at the unpredictable Samurai Cop.

A loveable oddity.

Tonight’s movie.

WNUF Halloween special.

Remember all those great little 80s Halloween all night specials you would watch as a kid? Charlie Brown, Ghostwatch?.

Well this a time machine in a VHS player, unearthed from the vaults enjoy the vintage commercials and the warm nostalgia you just don’t get anymore and journey back to 1987, great to see this Halloween gem ( finally) .

Freaky Footage from a 1987 TV crew investigating a haunted house for a Halloween stuff and the eerie stuff they find there, including all the commercials from the original broadcast!


Seriously watch this and enjoy, the less you know the better.

Tonight’s movie.


Ridley Scott returns to his Alien universe, to try and explain where it is humans come from and also to answer some questions still left open from his original Alien movie.

In this you get to find out all about the mysterious space jockey, about the Weyland Yutani corporation when it was just Weyland and discover a little more about that doomed planet the Nostromo would journey to.

Some great speculative Sci Fi from a master.

Tonight’s movie.

The Avengers.

Joss Whedon pulls off the seemingly impossible by creating an epic sized character piece, featuring superheroes from numerous different series coming together, great how it all gels seamlessly.

A Marvel fans dream come true seeing all these great icons together, personal favourite moment is the shot in which you pan through the big climactic battle seeing each Avenger show off their power.

The wait for Avengers 2 seems a little longer every time you watch this one.