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The Spook Avenue Show Episode 3: Shivers VS Goosebumps

The great debate, the battle of the century, which one is superior, Goosebumps or Shivers.

Join in with the young adult horror fiction debate that will no doubt split the world in half.

Yeah !

Tonight’s movie.

Ginger Snaps Back.

The so far final installment in the Ginger Snaps series is a kind of prequel of sorts dealing with the two sisters great great ancestors who are also linked to the Werewolf curse, via the native American Wendigo myth.

Probably my second favourite entry behind the original if only for its big Werewolf finale, but I have to admit seeing the two actresses reunited is fun making any leaps of logic worth it.

Tonight’s movie.

Alien 3, The Assembly Cut.

David Fincher reportedly had a hellacious time directing this stylish installment in the Alien franchise and while there is evidence of too many cooks, the end result is still a very tense, suspenseful Alien story.

Ripley crash lands on a cultish prison planet seemingly the only survive from her ship, alas she was not alone, as her unwanted hitchhiker, breaks loose from the guts of an ox going on a rampage.

The final battle between Ripley and the Alien is still cool to watch and David Fincher uses a breakneck shooting style that makes the film whizz along.

Also the first glimpse of the Alien is really adorable.

Worth a revisit.

Tonight’s movie.


The thing most people kinda forget about the first Rocky movie is how much of a slice of life character piece it is, it’s a pretty down to earth tale of a lost cause getting a big break, a publicity stunt that turns into an epic boxing bout.

Stallone is the real deal putting in a great performance and the story is pretty bleak at times, which makes you root for Rocky all the more.

There is a reason it is a classic.

Ding Ding.

The Spook Avenue Show Episode 2: We don’t need no education in the late 90s

Travel back in time with the pumpkin and the trash mummy, you don’t even need a DeLorean, just ten minutes or so.

RELIVE the late 90s, as remembered by two spherical Puppets.


Tonight’s movie.

Psycho 2.

Norman Bates, the ultimate mamas boy is back and this time he is…seemingly cured.

One of the stand out things in this movie is the skilled performance by Anthony Perkins who despite everything really makes you root for Norman, you wish for his redemption.

Following an all time classic would never be an easy feat but Psycho 2 is worth reconsidering, it has aged pretty well.

Tonight’s movie.

Almost Human.

Made for an incredibly low budget but worth at least six times as much is Almost Human.

This is the tale of an Alien invasion in the late eighties that spirals from the first contact into a full blown plague of alien mutations with a taste for impregnating human hosts.

Great weekend watching and a first look at some surely soon to be very well known filmmakers.

The Spook Avenue Show Episode 1

PUPPETS ! AWKWARD SILENCES, Pumpkins and Mummies made of trash !

Check out The Spook Avenue Show, on Youtube, because, urm, because you just need a regular way to KILL ten minutes !


Tonight’s movie.

The Specials.

Before he was scripting the adventures of The Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn wrote the story of another group of superhero misfits.

This movie is about the sixth or seventh most famous super team struggling with PR, infighting, a disastrous attempt at merchandise and their own egos.

This is probably the closest thing to a Justice League International movie and well worth tracking down if you love flaws in your super types.

Tonight’s movie.

Burning Bright

Trapped in a house the windows and doors boarded up a terrified child who you are the sole guardian for, what could be worse?

How about also in that house is a pissed off homicidal and very hungry tiger?!

That is the concept behind this thrilling tiger based horror movie ( probably the best since Savage Harvest, but that was lions).

A great cat and mouse story with a really big cat.