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Tonight’s movie.

WNUF Halloween special.

Remember all those great little 80s Halloween all night specials you would watch as a kid? Charlie Brown, Ghostwatch?.

Well this a time machine in a VHS player, unearthed from the vaults enjoy the vintage commercials and the warm nostalgia you just don’t get anymore and journey back to 1987, great to see this Halloween gem ( finally) .

Freaky Footage from a 1987 TV crew investigating a haunted house for a Halloween stuff and the eerie stuff they find there, including all the commercials from the original broadcast!


Seriously watch this and enjoy, the less you know the better.

Tonight’s movie.


Ridley Scott returns to his Alien universe, to try and explain where it is humans come from and also to answer some questions still left open from his original Alien movie.

In this you get to find out all about the mysterious space jockey, about the Weyland Yutani corporation when it was just Weyland and discover a little more about that doomed planet the Nostromo would journey to.

Some great speculative Sci Fi from a master.

Tonight’s movie.

The Avengers.

Joss Whedon pulls off the seemingly impossible by creating an epic sized character piece, featuring superheroes from numerous different series coming together, great how it all gels seamlessly.

A Marvel fans dream come true seeing all these great icons together, personal favourite moment is the shot in which you pan through the big climactic battle seeing each Avenger show off their power.

The wait for Avengers 2 seems a little longer every time you watch this one.

Opening up the trading card packet to find this = happiness.

RIP Warrior.

Tonight’s movie.


Wes Anderson’s second big movie but arguably the origination of his signature style with the oh so precise compositions and the wry mannered sense of humour.

Max Fisher is an underachieving yet over compensating teenager trying to win the heart of a teacher whilst also completing every possible activity in his school, he is foiled by a local steel magnate and his own limitations, which spirals into a revenge feud

One for fans of unique Film-making and stylised comedies and at this point a classic.

"unlock it "

Spook Avenue goes to the theatre.

Ghost Stories.

Whooo Oooooooh it’s ghost stories, Andy Nyman, Frightfest royalty himself, is behind this very unique and quirky horror play.

Not exactly what I was expecting the show to be like, and to say anything would be to say too much, but a horror fan, should probably make a trip to see this in merry London town.

Tonight’s movie.


Darren Aronofsky brings his vibrant imagination to an interpretation of the fable of Noah.

Complete with big battles, cannibalism, giant rock monsters, some genuinely quite nasty scenes of violence and depravity especially for a big summer blockbuster.

But the real show piece is when Aronofsky goes full on art film with interpretations of mens timeless violence and their evolution.

Check it out for something, very odd and very unique.

Tonight’s movie.

The Raid 2 : Berendal.

Crazy would sum up this one, remember when you watched Police Story and thought it was just the most insane action imaginable, well prepare to feel that again with The Raid 2.

Featuring crazed gangsters, prison warfare, fights in cars, hammer girl, baseball bat guy, one man against a world of corruption with some serious martial arts skill on the screen.

Broken bones, bodies, faces, property and hearts.

You will love it if you love action, carnage and excess… I haven’t even spoiled any of the real amazing parts.

Go see it expecting amazing action and still be blown away.

Tonight’s movie.

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 1993.

Stupid humans have always gotta be messing with Godzilla’s life if they aren’t building every more elaborate robots to take him out they are stealing his offspring.

In this one you get a woman adopting baby Godzilla, regular Rodan battles, super Mechagodzilla, one of the best Godzilla suits yet and a guy who is obsessed with Pteranadons working his way up the corporate ladder.

Watch it if you can track it down.

Tonight’s movie.

Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

Captain America, the main man of the Avengers, back again in his second solo outing, this time facing off against his modern day comic book foe The Winter Soldier, who makes his screen debut as a very cool silent Boba Fett like badass, stalking the Captain through the course of the story.

If the first movie was Simon and Kirby then this is definitely Ed Brubaker, full of grimy political corruption and a hero who has decide if representing America’s freedoms means taking down a government organisation.

Great action sequences, more nods of  the head to the comics than almost any other Marvel movie.

Blockbuster season has begun with the throw of a vibranium adamantium shield.