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Tonight’s movie.

The Battery.

Finally it made it to the UK.

For anyone who is getting tired of zombies everywhere you look, here is a reminder of just how great zombie stories are and why we can always have one more.

The Battery is the tale of two friends in a zombie apocalypse trying to survive, while the horror is a big part of this story, the biggest aspect is the friendship between these two survivors and their quest to endure the impossible.

It’s a great example of dslr filmmaking and the possibilities that exist for us filmmakers these days.

Just a great achievement and a story well told.

Please check it out if you get the chance.

Tonight’s movie.

Video Nasties 2 : Draconian days.

The UK in the eighties and nineties was not a good place to be a horror film fan, the movies horror fans love became the subject of blame for all manner of crimes and social ills which resulted in an incredible amount of censorship.

This documentary chronicles the years in which police seized video tapes, fans created their own black market, people where jailed and the media actually blamed horror movies for murder.

A shameful time for censorship, and a great subject for a documentary.

Tonight’s movie.

Attack of the Werewolves.

Aka Game of Werewolves Aka lobos de Arga, but mainly Aka a really funny, well made Werewolves movie.

I say werewolves movie, because there is a ton of them in the film, all done in a nice Paul Naschy style look which really suits the comedic tone.

It’s the story of a writer whose blood is the key to breaking an ancient lycanthropic curse and his publicist and cute little dog must fend of Werewolves, demented locals and the horror of rural tourism.

Check it out if you love Werewolves.

… And if you don’t love a werewolf then well, I just can’t understand you :-D

Tonight’s movie.


The definition of the underdog overcoming adversity is probably the story of Rudy.

Ah Rudy the little guy who could, this is one of those movies that falls into the heartwarming inspirational Americana genre and manages to be immensely sweet and inspiring without being sickly.

My favourite element is probably Jerry Goldsmith’s lovely score for the movie a sort of sad uplifting theme that runs through the tragedy of the film through to its very very upbeat conclusion.

A good way to chase away the Monday blues.

Rudy Rudy Ruuuuudy.

Tonight’s movie.

Dawn of the planet of the apes.

The sequel to the superb prequel/remake rise of the planet of the apes is finally here and without spoiling things, it does not disappoint.

A couple of notes, the digital effects are sublime with the Koba character being an amazing achievement, complex detailed and brilliantly effective.

The movie is just as melancholy as it’s predecessor, a sense of sadness and inevitable doom pervades the story.

Go dash to see the ape carnage but also realise you will be getting some great themes and storytelling moments throughout, as this continues the social satire that is an essential part of all the Apes movies.

Tonight’s movie.

The Sacrament.

Found footage is not the genre you would necessarily expect to find Ti West making movies within, but this pseudo documentary horror drama is a great example of how effective this storytelling form can be in the right hands.

The Sacrament is the tale of New York documentarians who search for their photographers sister within the grounds of a cultists religious compound and the horrors they find within.

The horror comes mainly from the sickening behaviour and mind washing exhibited by the groups leader known as The Father.

If you find the idea of cult mentalities to be as terrifying as I do, then you will love this taut tense ride through the dark side of belief.

Great movie.

Tonight’s movie.


Remember the days in which all the “concerned citizens” where just terrified of the effects video games like Mortal Kombat and Night Trap could have on the youth? Well this movie is born out of that.

Angst ridden and isolated teen played by Edward Furlong gets involved with a video game that plays with hypnotic techniques to create a new kind of immersive game play, and this games subject matter is living out your deepest darkest desires.

Provoked throughout by the Freddy Krueger like Trickster, he must work his way through the game and question just how fake this experience is.

A great moody trip through nineties video game paranoia and a little bit of an underrated gem, give it a watch and enjoy!

Tonight’s movie.

The Dark Knight Returns : part two.

An almost exact adaptation of Frank Miller’s legendary comic, this animated movie is definitely one of the best best animated comic book adaptations.

Featuring a future world in which Batman must do battle with the police, the citizens of Gotham, the president, his arch nemesis The Joker ( In very sinister form) until finally doing battle in epic fashion with a pro establishment Superman.

If you loved the original comics you’ll love this.

Tonight’s movie.

Starship Troopers.

Paul Verhoeven, proves once again that he is a master of sly satire with this take on the future of earth’s military forces as they do battle with the “villainous” bug planet.

The film is littered with propaganda and enough information for you to put the truth together without having to just come out and say it.

Sure it has great epic combat scenes and some very cool alien designs but what lifts it above other movies in the genre is its political bite.

Worth a revisit.

Tonight’s movie.

The Faculty.

Ahhh the post scream post modern teen horror era, it did have a few little gems buried in there, one of these is Robert Rodriguez alien invasion movie The Faculty.

Containing references to almost all the classic alien invasion movies such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing it’s more of a tribute than an ironic deconstruction.

Featuring a chaotic school full of misfits in which all the authority figures are slowly being taken over and becoming mindless drones, eventually making the student body drones themselves robbing them of their personality.

The kids must fight back with a pg substitute for crack which is a great little subversive idea.

Well worth a look if you like movies from that strange period of time.

We don’t need no education.